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New Features for Garmin's G5

G5 Electronic Flight Instrument for Certified and Experimental Aircraft

The G5 electronic flight instrument will soon be capable of displaying outside air

temperature (OAT) and true airspeed (TAS) using a temperature probe and the new

Garmin GAD™ 13 adapter. Similar to other Garmin products, OAT displays along

the bottom of the airspeed indicator, while TAS is displayed on the top of the

airspeed indicator. When G5 is configured as a directional gyro (DG) or horizontal

situation indicator (HSI), wind speed and direction is also displayed in the upper left

corner of the G5. For standalone G5 installations, the GAD 13 and a temperature

probe are required. For aircraft where G5 is paired with a compatible PFD such as

G3X Touch, G5 will display this information with a software update. New for

experimental aircraft, G5 can also display density altitude below the altimeter while

the aircraft is on the ground.

The G5 electronic flight instrument for certificated aircraft can soon be paired with

dual digital Garmin navigation sources, such as a GTN™ 650/750 or

GPS 175/GNC® 355/GNX™ 375, and manually switch between the sources within the G5. Please note, the GFC 500 autopilot is the only autopilot approved to be used when dual navigation sources are connected to G5. For VFR

installations, pilots can also use a Garmin portable to display lateral course deviation information on the G5.


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